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new new (FOR-H RAP GANG ) at akre radio 

he's talk about heself and rap style in kurdistand 

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.........( ℱℴℛ-ℋ )........
thats me in the magazine govara sepa Akre
 known as
( ℱℴℛ-ℋ )
one of rap singers,
was born in 1991 in Mosul city , Iraq
complete the studied there
and now he is living kurdistan akre,
 and in the year 2009 start singing  rap style
sang two songs
(my love a story) and (lovelorn)
and in 2010 sing song
and completion of
 name (my love a story) is composed of 8
track, which in 2011 published languages Arabic and Kurdish
In 2012 made  video name
(my life)
hua and now works on new
check new video
(akre love)
.by Kawe Akreyi

FOR-H RAP GANG at newspaper

FOR-H RAP GANG at newspaper